DOT Compliance management solutions

Increase fleet visibility with fleet tracking

Get a near real-time, 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations, so you can help reduce costs, increase productivity, stay on top of vehicle maintenance, and make the most of every business day.

DOT compliance

Administered through the FMCSA, DOT compliance affects millions of commercial drivers throughout North America and includes hours of service rules (such as the Electronic Logging Device mandate) and driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs). Our software solutions can help you meet your legal obligations and maintain, or improve, your CSA score.

Integrated reporting

Our platform helps you address all your fleet management software requirements, including motor carrier compliance, in one integrated system. This can simplify systems management, reduce user training and administrative paperwork, speed up deployment and offer easier reporting options. Better sharing of data can also help your team address non-compliance issues before they become a problem.

Focus on positive ROI

We build solutions aimed at helping motor vehicle fleets be more profitable—you can’t avoid regulatory requirements but you can find ways to avoid it being an expensive burden. Add extra features such as IFTA fuel reports or track cargo temperatures to ease Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulatory compliance.

A better driver experience

Our driver compliance solutions are focused on making the workday simpler—less paperwork, automated reporting and near real-time information on jobs to be done, places to go and the best way to get there, all direct to their smartphone. Drivers also get access to around-the-clock ELD phone support.

Integrated hardware

Our partnerships with a growing number of car and truck makers means you don’t need any additional GPS tracking hardware to start managing your fleet vehicles online.

ELD compliance

Built to make your driver’s day easy, our FMCSA-certified ELD is connected directly to the vehicle for improved accuracy and automated logging. Includes 24/7 phone support.

Hours of Service (HOS)

Our HOS solution helps reduce Form & Manner and driving time violations with 395.15-compliant electronic logs and includes HOS reports in a variety of formats.

See how R&M Trucking is improving safety, routing and compliance for their drivers.

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